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5 Mar

Greetings ‘79!

It’s March and hope is in the air … hope for warmer temperatures, hope that we can all get a vaccine soon and hope that schools, stadiums and the country will open up again.

Normally this time a year, Midshipmen are gone on Spring break.  This year, because of the long Winter break, Midshipman won’t get to leave on Spring break.  What’s worse, is there has been another COVID outbreak on the Yard and Midshipmen are again confined to their rooms and all classes are being conducted virtually.  In a new twist, everyone is being turned away at the gates if they do not have essential business on the Yard and all Varsity sports, with the exception of basketball are shut down.  Over the past two nights, an additional 200 Midshipmen were sent to live in local hotels.  Needless to say, the Yard has seen a serious uptick in COVID and the Supe is trying everything to 1) knock down the positivity rate, 2) get the vaccine administered to the entire USNA population and 3) not send Midshipmen home.  I hope this works so that life can return to normal on the Yard.

I know I have filled your in box of late with the news on the Chapel memorabilia and the passing of Russ Keller.  Next month I will reach out to discuss a Class Project to ensure the Class of 1979 Crest is displayed at the new Alumni and Foundation Center.  Until then, take care ‘79.  I hope that you are able to enjoy Spring and a COVID vaccine soon.

All the best,



26 Feb

Greetings '79!

Thanks to the efforts of our classmate VADM John "Fozzie" Miller, the first four Class of 1979 challenge coins are available to purchase at the link below.  As time goes on, more items will be loaded on the website to include challenge coins with Techumseh or John Paul Jones and a Christmas ornament, paper weight, picture frame and keepsake box.  

Here's the link:  Class of 1979 Chapel Dome Memorabilia

Thanks Fozzie from all of us for making this happen!




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