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Greetings Class of 1979,

The ’79 Class Store is open for business. Here’s the link - http://www.usnaclasstore.com/79store.html

Please read the notes about early orders, shipping dates, and the return-refund policy. The Reunion Committee is working with Anchor Enterprises to add some additional items for your shopping pleasure. Check back from time-to-time for any merchandise updates.

The Reunion Registration will open soon – targeting the May 1st date, if not sooner. When registration opens, it is important to get on-line and register right away. This will allow us a better head count for planning. I will send a class-wide email announcing when the Registration link is live (and the link itself). You may also check our Class Facebook page and our website, www.usna79.com,, for the latest Reunion gouge.

Class Officer elections are going to be held in conjunction with the Reunion. The first step in this process will be the formation of a nominating and election committee to oversee the election. If anyone is interested in serving on this committee, please let me know. The only caveat is that members of the committee may not also run for an office. Up for election are the offices of President, Vice- president, Treasurer, Secretary, and the six Battalion Representatives. Those elected will assume office on January 1st, 2020, and serve ten-year terms through 12/31/2030.

Our Class Fundraising Chairman, Chuck Dixon, has asked that I pass this note along:

Classmates, what an impact we are having with our efforts to meet goals we set at our 35th reunion. This is the sweet spot for the Alumni Association/Foundation fund raising with every class as we hit the pinnacle of our professional lives and get ready to transition to retirement. Some already have hit that mark and many are approaching it with great anticipation. By your outstanding generosity, we have, as a Class, blown away our overall goals, but still have some time to close out all the goals and hit every mark we set for ourselves.

First and foremost, thank you to every single one of you who have stepped up to the plate and donated to our alma mater! Several folks have gone well above and beyond and no surprise, a few superstars are making us all look good. That said, I am also encouraged by the fact that over 300 classmates have made some level of commitment to this effort. That is a percentage that has steadily grown and while it still represents only 1 in 3 classmates stepping up to the plate, it is nice to see such a large group of folks engaged in this important effort.

Our overall numbers are fantastic after having not had a reputation as a strong giving class, we have done a nice job of stepping up our game. The one area where we are still short is in the funds for the Trident Scholar Program. We agreed to take over this program and some of us have had the privilege of attending the annual dinner and poster session. Just as in our day, those chosen to participate in the Trident Scholar Program are an impressive lot. We have exceeded our goals for the Athletic Excellence and the Naval Academy fund, but are at about 90% of the goal set for Trident Scholar funds. We need to raise an additional $18,361 to hit our full goal in this bucket. I’m convinced we can do it!!

I can’t wait for our pending 40th reunion and to gather once again here in Annapolis with so many great classmates and their families. It will be a great weekend. It would be a real feather in our cap to have exceeded our goals in every area and I am confident that we can do it. If you have any questions about how to get on board and support the effort, just let me know.

All the Best. Cheers/Chuck

One more thing – my weekend plans have changed and I will not be able to attend the Army-Navy lacrosse games this Saturday. I have only heard from three classmates who plan to attend but will still try to coordinate their getting together. Anyone else?

That’s it! Shop early and shop often!


Omnes Viri 1979,



Keeping this one for the relevent information



Greetings Classmates and Friends of 79,

On January 27th the Class Reunion Committee met to begin the planning of our 40-Year Reunion. The only factor we did not know at that time was the actual weekend we would hold the Reunion. I need not repeat (but I do anyway) that the September weekend date would be known only when the AAC releases our Football schedule. By waiting until now we have assured that there will be, at the most, only one other class reunion (1999) to compete with for resources on our Reunion weekend.

Well, the wait is over. The AAC has released our schedule, and the Reunion Committee is pleased to report that the 40-Year Reunion will be held September 12 – 15, 2019 in Annapolis, MD. Our Football opponent on Saturday September 14, 2019 will be the East Carolina Pirates with a kickoff of 1530 local anticipated.

I am sure you are all eager to hear details of our upcoming 40-Year Reunion, so let’s get to that subject. One cautionary note, though, the schedule is now filling out and what is presented here is subject to change. The Reunion dates, though, are firm, so travel and accommodation arrangements can be made.

Because this about our eighth reunion, we have learned a lot of lessons from the past and will evolve our plans to draw on that experience and meet new requirements. The goal of our class reunion is to produce a memorable weekend where as many classmates – Grads and non-Grads, plus widows and children – can gather to remember the past, celebrate the present, and salute the future. We will provide more options than in the past to allow for both formal and informal events. The overall cost will be managed as best we can, but right up front, it is not cheap to put on functions in Annapolis. That said, our Reunion Coordinator, Valerie Gerheiser, will be working with each vendor to get the best value possible out of each event.

The first major change from the past will be No Headquarters Hotel. The Reunion weekend will run from Thursday through Sunday, so book your best deal for flights in to BWI or DCA, to arrive on Wednesday 9/11 or early Thursday 9/12, and depart Sunday 9/15 or later. Same with your lodging – find the deal that works best for you. You can think outside the box, too, such as an Airbnb. It is suggested that Company Reps contact their members if they want to arrange lodging at a particular venue. Not having a HQ Hotel will save the Class a lot of money on not having to guarantee room numbers and other revenue to the hotel. And as we may be the only class reunion that weekend, you may find some good deals – BUT – lodging in Annapolis on a Football weekend can be more than what you would pay in Fresno, for example.

Reunion Check-in will be set up in downtown Annapolis at McGarvey’s. Check-in upstairs, then head down to meet up with friends at the bar! Valerie did this recently with another class and it worked great! Parking downtown should be sufficient, and Uber or Lyft are great options for getting around. Admittance to the Yard is easy for those with Retired Military ID, others will need to check-in at Gate One.

The Weekend Schedule is still in flux, but here is a preliminary overview:


Morning Check-in for Golf at USNA Course.
No Host Reception throughout the day/evening at McGarvey’s. Suggest Company Parties.


AM – Class Quinquennial Meeting at USNA (Room TBD)
AM – Class Memorial Service- USNA Chapel or other suitable location
PM – Alumni Association and Supe Brief to the Class
1600 – Dress P-Rade – Warden Field
1900 – Crab Feast Dinner – Probably at the Stadium


Tailgater – Food and Drink Galore! N-Star Room (we hope) at Stadium.
1530 – Navy Football! Beat the Pirates!!!
Post-game Company Informal Gatherings


Chapel Services

That’s the overview for now – and all is subject to some change. Times and places will be filled in as we firm them up. Registration for the Reunion will also be a little different, using a private vendor instead of the Alumni Association website. We plan to open registration in May or thereabouts. You will each pay a Registration Fee and then be able to pick and choose the paid events that you want to participate in. There will also be an option to make four smaller payments instead of one big one at the time of registration.

Historically, the 40-Year Reunion for most classes is their best attended. I believe we will have 400-500 Classmates returning, and the more the merrier!

One final note for now – the Class Store will be up and running (but not yet) much as in the past. Shirts, hats, barware, and other trinkets will be for sale. A great Check-in Goodie Bag will be put together for each registered classmate. More on the Class Store soon!

See you all in September!

By the way, Welcome to the Dark Ages! Stay warm!! Also, the complete Navy 2019 Football Schedule is available at navysports.com.

Beat East Carolina!

Beat Army!

Omnes Viri 79,


P.S. The Terwilliger Project – From the Alumni Association

The construction of the new Physical Mission Center at Ricketts Hall is well underway and should be completed by the end of 2019. This impressive new facility will feature 25,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space and will celebrate the storied history of Navy athletics while also serving as a testament to the Academy’s commitment to the physical development of the entire Brigade of Midshipmen. Ron Terwilliger ‘63 has generously donated the lead gift to advance this mission and as a result the Academy will designate this new space with appreciation and in his honor. Ron, an academic All-American who played both basketball and baseball for Navy, was named a Distinguished Graduate of the Academy in 2013.

The Naval Academy Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk said that the legacies of our programs tell our story and we welcome the artifacts, historical memorabilia and sentimental keepsakes from alumni and friends that reflect some of the finest moments in Navy’s rich athletic history.  We will be grateful for donations of memorabilia to the exhibit or, if on loan, we would return the item when timely.

If you are interested in donating or lending any memorabilia or artifacts, please take a photo with a description of the item or items and e-mail it to Joe Cook, NAAA Assistant Athletic Director for Special Operations and Administration at: cook@usna.edu Joe will follow up directly with the donor regarding further details.

Your contributions and participation will be most appreciated and will be a wonderful addition to a new facility that will highlight the athletic history of the Naval Academy as well as contributing to the accomplishment of its mission.


Jim Minderlein, Captain USN (Ret.)


Omnes Viri 1979,


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