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USNA Virtual Memorial Hall - A nice site for those that died in service to our country. 

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Non Grad


LCDR Edward G. Abel, Jr.


Grad 1989: Helicopter mishap off Southern California during workups for a Westpac Deployment.
Roberto E. Acosta 24 Non Grad 1992.  Circumstances not known.
Saeed Ahmadi


Grad Killed while serving on an Iranian vessel during the Iran-Iraq war
LTJG Carey A. Arthur


Grad 1981: S-3 aircraft mishap on deployment in the Mediterranean with VS-24
David W. Aut 33 Non Grad died October 17, 2016.  Circumstances not known.  Obituary
Kenneth W. Beaver 34 Non Grad Died November 18, 1997.  Circumstances not known
Bradley Robert Becker 16    
James R. Bland 27 Non Grad Died died June 30, 1978.  Circumstances not known
Maj. Michael F. Bradley 


Grad 1993: Cobra helicopter mishap during training flight in San Diego, MAG-46 Det A
LCDR Matthew G. Brower


Grad 1991: Cancer
LCDR Jack Anthony Bruno 13 Grad 2019:  ALS
ENS John I. Byrnes


Grad 1980: Auto accident en route from flight school to duty station
Jack Clayton "Clay" Good 11 Non Grad 2020: complications associated with pulmonary fibrosis.  Obituary
LtCol Francis C. Coble 14 Grad 2014:
Richard A. Corpuz


Non Grad Died 3 Mar 1976: Heart attack Plebe year while exercising at the Academy
LT Cristobal Corrales 19 Grad 1980: Lost at sea with all hands during a Caribbean storm while serving with the Honduran Naval Force
ENS Dewayne G. Cousin


Grad 1980: TA-4 aircraft training accident off San Diego before Flight School
CAPT Gerald F. DeConto


Grad 2001: Killed while serving as the Senior Officer on duty in the Navy Command Center during the terrorist attack on the Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001
Carlos A. Duran 34 Non Grad Died October 24, 1981.  Private aircraft accident
Edward G. Elizondo  33 Non Grad Died  June 26, 2016/possible kidney disease Obituary
Michael J. Feidt 24 Grad  
Jon Gahan


Grad 2004: Died after a brief illness
LT. Michael E. Gallagher


Grad 1983: P-3 aircraft mishap, VP-1
Michael J. Gault


Grad Circumstances not released
CDR Christopher Giedlin 24 Grad 2014: Pancreatic cancer
Robert Dwight Greer


Grad 1983: SH-2F helicopter mishap, HSL-36
Steven D. Herning


Grad 1979: Aircraft mishap, VX-5
William E. Hogan


Grad 1979: Auto accident in Pensacola while in flight training
Frank Hollimon III 21 Non Grad Died January 18, 2013.  Circumstances not known
CDR Howell C. Hollis 32 Grad May 14, 2005 from a lengthy Illness
Arthur T. Howell 11 Grad  
Jon R. Jeffries


Non Grad Circumstances not known
LT George S. Jones


Grad 1985: Auto accident
CDR Sandy A. Jones 15 Grad Jun 6, 2015 Pacreatic Cancer
Larry Paul Keller 35    
Ens. John C. Kennedy III


Grad 1981: Aircraft training accident at flight school during carrier quals– TRARON 26
Capt. Michael F. King


Grad 1988: CH-46 helicopter accident near Okinawa – HMM-262, MAG 24
Bob George Kovak 23 Grad 2006:  Complications from heart surgery
Kenneth J. Kropkowski 36    
Thomas A. Kwiatkowski 36 Grad 2010: Liver disease
LT Mark A. Lange


Grad 1983: Killed in action over Lebanon - VA-85
Neil M. Larimer 8 Grad  
Capt. George A. Last


Grad 1986: Adverse reaction to medication received during a dental examination
Raymon Conner Lee 7    
Lawrence Leiter 24 Grad  
Neal Theron Lippy


Non Grad Died July 12, 1985.  Helicopter accident  Newspaper Article
Daniel James Luce 36 Non Grad 1979: Auto accident at USNA
John J Lyons 9 Grad 2020: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
Richard Watkins Malone  19 Grad 2005: Accident in his home
Michael Paul Marciano 9 Grad 2020 July: Metastatic Cancer
LT David Keath McCullough


Grad 1983: Aircraft training accident near Kingman, AZ – ATKRON 34
Tyrone Ellis McGruder 22 Non Grad Died October 9, 2013.  Circumstances unknown Obituary
LCDR Alvin B. ("AB") Miller  (ret) 17 Grad 2006:  Blood clot in the lung following back surgery.
ENS Patrick Henry Nettles


Grad 1979: Aircraft accident flying as an observer during a forest fire in San Diego County while at SWOSCOLCOM
Jeffrey Clayton O'Rourke 36 Grad Passed away on August 19, 2010 in Kirkland, WA.  Obituary
ENS Antonio Agra Ortega, Jr.


Grad 1981: Commissioned in the Philippine Navy, ship lost at sea in a typhoon while on exercises
Robert Charles Paquette


Non Grad Died October 17, 1978.  Circumstances not known
Richard D. Peck 29 Grad Passed away Jul 1, 2019 after a long battle with Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease
Brian F. "Bubba" Philipp 12 Grad Passed away Dec. 21, 2013, after a courageous battle with cancer. 
LT Mark Robert Pohlmeyer


Grad 1986: Aircraft training mishap
John Luke Rogers


Grad 1988: Circumstances not known

Steve Alan Rogers    

15 Non Grad 03/02/2010, Circumstances not released.  Obtiuary
Aiden S. Salcedo 26 Grad  
Martin J. (Marty) Sullivan 36 Grad Marc16 2015: Passed away after a courageous battle with brain cancer
Thomas Wright Thompson Jr. 8 Grad 2009: Circumstances not released
Steve Allen Tilton


Non Grad 25 Jun 2001: Circumstances not released
Michael Joe Trcka, Jr


Grad 1992: Cancer
Wiley V. Utterbeck 35 Grad  
Kirk Holland Vestal 34 Non Grad Died August 22, 2007: Long illness.  Obituary
LCDR John E. Von Gohren


Grad 1989: Heart attack induced by an allergic reaction
Thomas K. Wark  18 Non Grad Died May 25, 2016/circumstances not known. Obituary
Kenneth L. White  35 Non Grad

Died September 9, 2015.  Unexpectedly at home -   Obituary 

Stephen L. Whitehurst 15 Non Grad Circumstances not known


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