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  • '79 Tailgaters-


    Navy opens their season on Saturday, September 1st with an away game vs Hawaii.  There is a '79 group going that will represent the class well!  Going to be a very late night for you on the east coast with game kick-off at 11pm.  I expect everyone one to stay awake and cheer on the Navy team!


    Home Football Games- Starts Saturday, September 8th

    Our tailgate area remains the same for this season.  We are located in spot #3 on the Gold Side near the Courthouse.  Kick-off for all home games is set for 3:30pm.  We usually start setting up for the class tailgater around 11am.

    We are in need for tents to be set up for the food area.   If you have one, please bring it.  We could use 4 tents.

    If you have a table, please bring it with you as well.  We usually have 3-4 tables for food (some times we need more) and any extras can be used back on the walking path for dining.  Fred will be bringing the generator for crock pots and warming trays.  


    Please bring at least one dish (appetizer, main entree, side or dessert) to the tailgater share.  I know it is a challenge for some but we can't rely on the regular attendees to serve all.  Items don't have to be homemade or even with the theme.  Store bought is acceptable.  

    Also, bring your own drinks and chairs.  


    Remember that you don't have to stay with the theme.  It only serves as a guideline.  As an example,  Chuck's Amaretto Cake goes with all themes and is mandatory at every tailgater.  Any dish, dessert and/or shot is welcome!


    Here are the much anticipated themes for the 2018 Tailgater season:


    Sept. 8th vs Memphis- Barbecue & Bourbon Blowout! 

    Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs with all the Southern Sides.  All popular Gin Bucket too!

    Bourbon Tasting: bring your favorite bottle for everyone to have a taste (shot glasses provided).


    Sept. 15th vs Lehigh- Margaritaville: Cheeseburgers in Paradise

    Cheeseburgers, Shrimp & Key Lime Pie.  Don't forget the Margaritas with plenty of Tequila!

    One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...Navy Score!


    Oct. 13th vs Temple- Crockpot Madness!

    Mains, Sides, Desserts & Drinks...Use Your Imagination (or Pinterest).


    Oct. 20th vs Houston- Oktoberfest

    Brats, Sauerkraut or your Favorite Fall Dish.  Pumpkin and Spiked Cider too!


    Nov. 17th vs Tulsa- 11th Annual Chili Cook-Off

    Competition On!  Not a Chili Champion, please bring a Side Dish and or Dessert.


    Halftime Cooler

    The Kruegers will again be hosting the halftime tailgater in the Admiral's Row parking area on the gold side, space 572 just outside Gate M.  A halftime cooler will be at the class tailgater site for you to place your halftime spirits in.  The cooler is labeled with a 79 class crest.   Any beverages not picked up after the game will be marked with a blue tape and made available to all at the next game!  Cooler will be available at the class pre-game tailgater all season. 


    Home Parking Info from NAAA

    Season tickets should be mailed out.  If you purchased perimeter parking passes, it should be included with your game tickets.  Call NAAA if there is an issue.


    Navy vs Army (Lincoln Field/ Philadelphia) December 8th

    Game kick-off is 3pm.  Information regarding the "tailgater" will be sent at a later date.


    Future '79 Road Trips

    Navy vs Notre Dame- October 27, 2018 in San Diego.  An excuse to head to the west coast!  Not sure if anyone is taking a lead on any class activities.  Fred and I are not attending so I don't know of any plans.


    Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up after the long off-season.  Keep positive thoughts for a dry, cool tailgating season.  I'll keep you updated with any changes and/or additions to this email.  Feel free to forward this email on to any fellow 79er's.  Have them email me to be added to the group list.  If you have any changes or preferences in the email I use for you, please let me know to make the changes.


    Go Navy!  




    Fred's Cell # 410-446-3370

    Valerie's Cell # 410-562-7728

Class Merchandise
  • '79 Reunion Class Store: Use this site Anchor Store - Class 79 to purchase Class Of '79 35th Reunion Merchandise.  All merchandise on this site has been selected and approved by the reunion committee. 
  • USNA Alumni Store for merchandise with our Class Crest on it. With each purchase here, our Class receives 10 percent back. You will need to log in to access the store.
  • Herff Jones (Dieges & Clust) - Class of 79 rings and crests and other jewelry.  You can also contact them at:

  • Attn: Hudson Young
    Herff Jones
    9264 Corporate Circle
    Manassas, VA. 20110

Local 1979 Alumni Networks

As members of the Class of '79 mature (i.e., grow older), groups are beginning to form for areas in which there is a high concentration of classmates. Washington DC, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and San Diego are the most notable areas in which '79ers are congregating.

The following groups have already formed; if you would like to start a group in your area, please contact Sean Cate or Wiz Withers and we'll get you posted on the web site, too.

Class Officers
President Sean Cate (17th Co) Sean.Cate@1979.usna.com
Vice President Fred Gerheiser Fredusna79@aol.com
Treasurer Jeff Johnson (29th Co) JohnsonJ@amdyne.com
Secretary John 'Wiz' Withers (19th Co) JDWithers@1979.usna.com

Battalion Representatives/Class Council – one representative from each battalion.
1st Batt – Pat Dennis, 4th Co.
2nd Batt – Pete Long, 7th Co.
3rd Batt – Ralph Quarles, 14th Co.
4th Batt – Kirk Michealson, 22nd Co.
5th Batt – Dick Yocum, 29th Co.
6th Batt – Kevin Sinnett, 35th Co.

Company Representatives

Overall – Rob Wray

If you don’t see your company represented and would like to volunteer, please contact Rob Wray at:  Robwray77@aol.com

1st BATT
2nd Co – John Messerschmitt
3rd Co – James Grabe
4th Co - Pat Dennis
5th Co – Keith Anderson
ALT – Grant Thornton
4th BATT
19th Co – Dave Bethel
ALT – Rick Lync
22nd Co - Kirk Michealson
23rd Co – Nick Harris
24th Co – Lyle Mueller
2nd BATT
7th Co - Pete Long
9th Co – Scott Pursley
5th BATT
25th Co – Ohlen Hunt
29th Co - Stan Clark
30th Co – Dana Swenson
3rd BATT
13th Co – Chris Brehany
14th - Ralph Quarles
17th Co – Jack Paar
6th BATT
34th Co – Tom Rychlik
36th Co - Kevin Sinnett


In Memory
Missing Classmates

The following listed graduating classmates' latest address information is not contained in the Naval Academy Alumni Association's Class of 1979 database. If your name is on the list, please go to www.usna.com and click on "Alumni Only." If you don't have a sign-in, follow the directions to receive a login name and password. When you have logged into the Alumni Only section, click on "Update Your Profile", fill in your updated information and submit it. It's that simple to get back in touch with the class! Once you have accomplished this, you may contact the Class President or Class Secretary to let them know and they will verify before notifying the Webmaster to remove you from the list.

If you see people on this list that you know, please ask them to update their profile. Thanks!


Andrew William Acevedo
John Robert Albiso
Marvin Thomas Allen
Thomas Condon Amirault
David Alan Beam
Gary Raymond Blazin
Howard James Bouknight
Nestor Hembrador Camerino Jr.
Kenneth Robert DaRin
Paul Lawrence Darring
Barry Philip Driscoll
Robert Joseph Engel Jr.
David Thomas Evans
Stephen Cecil Fessler
Thomas Francis Fischer
Jonathan Dexter Fish
Dennis Gerard Fitzgerald
John Alfred Ford
Michael Allan Gibson
Kenneth Gerard Gigliotti
Ronald Leroy Glass Jr.
Gary Franklin Gray
Steven William Hanson
Paul Martin Hatch
Michael Lee Hawkins
Michael James Kennedy Jr.
Steven Eugene Kenyon
Criston Eugene Klotz
Lindsey Bo Knuth
James Hoyt Korcal
Michael Lynn Long
Timothy Paul MacNeil
James Francis McCormick
Patrick Michael McLarney
Kenneth Craig Molleson
Javier Montero
Douglas Patrick Nichols
John William Palmer
Gregory George Romanoff
Kirk Alan Shaffer
Robert Raymond Sterling Jr.
James Mark Stevenson
William Leslie Tilton
Robert John Wilson
Leslie Kazuto Yamashita

Non Graduates

Marc Murray Adkins
Eric Lawrence Ahlvin
Danilo Salarda Albay
Thomas Daniel Amato
Philip John Andrews
Mark Maryatt Anstey
Duane Lee Bacon
Alejandro Bagnoli
Charles Joseph Baker
Ronald Melvin Bardarson
James J Barry
Jonathan Preston Barstow
James Francis Bateman
Eric Hans Bauer
Keith Long Beasley
Bert W Bentley
Douglas Michael Blanchard
John William Bolger
Jimmie E Booker II
Keith William Bourne
Alfred Marcel Bouthillier
Matthew Allan Bowen
Gregory Phillip Bracht
Thomas Augustine Breen
Charles Vance Brooks IV
David William Brown
Theodore Ronald Brown
Mark John Bruhns
Ronald Arnold Bruno
James Arthur Bryars IV
Douglas Christian Buhler
Richard Lyman Burke
John Rose Burnette
Paul William Busse
Andrew A Caffrey IV
Kenneth William Calligar
Perry Dewayne Carter
Ernesto Espejo Castelo
Peter Stephen Ceravolo D.D.S
Rickey Everett Chevrie
Clayton Alapaka Ching
Carl Clarence Clement III
Larry Coffee
John Timothy Corrigan
Joseph Christopher Costello
Andrew Franklin Couch
Michael Leo Cruise
Peter Frank Cuccio
Dennis Allen Dammann
Andrew Rowley Daniels
James Hawley Davis III
Wayne Howard Davis
Randall Henry Demke
Nathan Gale Depugh
Robert Perry Detrich
Dirk Willson DeYoung
Stephen Mark Di Giacomo
Dennis Duane Dryden
David Paul Dufresne
Charles Dunn III
Steven M Eisenberg
Ernest Black Ellis
John Andrew Espinoza
Juan Carlos Estrada-Cavallini
John Robert Evans
Mark Steven Fasnacht
William Alden Faville Jr.
Andrew M Fitch
Terrance Kevin Fitzpatrick
Alexander Eli Forsley
Ronald Allen Franscell
Maurice George French
Roderick John Frederick
Daniel James Frydrych
Scott Patrick Furgerson
Thomas Paul Fusco
William Michael Garner
Charles Francis Gibbs
Jack Clayton Good
Paul Joseph Granata
David W Gray Jr.
Mark Ware Greenfield
Gregory Paul Haeffele
Jeff Emil Halling
Kevin Francis Hamilton
Robert Arthur Hammond
Kurt Alan Hampton
Henry Aldo Hanson
Charles Joseph Happ
Stephen Barry Harrison
James Joseph Hautot Jr.
Timothy Daniel Hayden
Ovidio Jesus Hidalgo
Nelson Andre Hines
David John Hinman
Jeffrey Kim Holderness
Gary Steven Holt
John Thomas Hughes
Danny Archer Hurd
R. M Imel II
Richard Terril Jacobs
Stephen Vincent Johns
James Clelland Johnson IV
James Edwin Johnson
Robert Clark Johnstone
Frank A Jones Jr.
Stryker Mack Jones
Greg Alan Karstens
Terry Jeff-Roy Kersey
Gary Wayne Key
Andre Calvin Kidd
Robert Emmett King
Steven Wayne Kline
Matthew Paul Knight
Stephan Ladd Koontz
Theodore Michael Kowalczyk
John William Lane
Theodore Robert Lazcano
Mark Joseph Lenhard
Nicholas Salvatore Lizzo
William Perry Lopez
Gary Sarto Los Banos
William Brennan Lynch
James Denis Makiya
Michael Kevin Manley
David Cree Manners
Robert Alexander Manzi
Matthew Harry Marcella
Edmundo Paul Marquez
William Maughan
James Thomas McClure Jr.
Michael Henry McGonigle
Kevin McGowan
Steven Chandler McKelvey
James Louis McNeill
James Philip McNulty
Clifton Joe McWilliams
Carl Howard Mead
Carl David Miller
James Mark Miller
Peter Miller Jr.
David Jay Midtlyng
Tommy Dan Morgan
David Thomas Morwood MD
Daniel Robert Mount
Robert Walton Moye
Ronald Marcus Mucci
Kevin Robert Murphy
Michael Scott Murray
John Mutch
Ronald Dale Naddy
Anthony Michael Nardella
Gary T Narimatsu
Thomas Anthony Niessink
Nicholas William Nuessle
Timothy Bryant Nugent
Peter John O'Rourke
Richard Lee Oxford
Michael Mckinley Parham
John Andrew Parsons
William Ira Peters IV
John Bradley Pierce
Wayne Francis Pierzga
Robert Raymond Plass
Robert Franklin Posner
James Francis Powers
Patrick James Prazenica
Douglas Edward Price
Lawrence George Price
Mark Richard Reid
Marc Resnick
John Stephen Reus Jr.
Winston Alan Riddle
Norman Dale Riggan Jr.
Kevin Scott Roberts
Herbert Francis Rosa
William Arthur Rose
Tracy Carl Rupin
Bert Manangan Santiago
Harold Wayne Scheffler
Robert John Selinsky
Gerald Mark Smith
Marlin Dale Smith
Timothy Roy Snyder
Thomas Francis Soltys
Michael Dean Sorensen
John P Spillane
Timothy Kevin Spillane
Arthur Anthony Stewart
Edward Jay Stockhausen
William Stuart Story
Mark Steven Stoutamire
Peter Lang Studt
Tyrone Durante Talbert
Richard Greene Thomson
Daniel Mercer Timidaiski
Albert G Tsai
David Neal Valente
Stephen Edward Van Rompaey
Dennis Leonard Vargo
Dennis Michael Villa
Ronald Braun Vogler
Michael Joseph Vranjkovic
Daniel Raymond Wallen
Larry Gene Warkentin
Marc Lamar Warren
Keith Eiler Weerts
Michael Guy Weinert
Kenneth Ellis Wendling
James Vernon West
Steven Angelo White
David Richard Whittaker
John Roger Widtfeldt
Mark Bracken Wilson
Steven William Winton
Theodore Paul Wolthuis
Scott W Wulff
John Paul Ziegler
Gregory Louis Zlokovich
James Louis Webb Jr.


Lisabeth Abel
Sabet Beaver
Michelle Brower
Delores Marie Cousin
Emma Gahan
Rebecca Greer
Sabrina Jones
Cheryle Lange
Elizabeth Last
Connie McCullough
Rhonda J. Thompson
Svetlana Wark

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is based on the best information available to the Class. If anyone knows of any additional information or any inaccuracies in what is presented here, please notify the Webmaster or one of the Class Officers.



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